Biden Sweating After State Department Makes This Announcement

President Joe Biden’s terribly mismanaged Afghanistan withdrawal is soon to get a much closer investigation. The State Department’s current Inspector General is now creating “several oversight programs” into the final diplomatic work inside the middle-eastern country, Washington lawmakers and State Dept. officials said.

“Given the increased interest in this kind of work by Congress and the unique situation needing coordination across the overall Inspector General community, I wished to notify our committees of jurisdiction about this important work,” Diana Shaw, the current State Department’s inspector general, said to the leaders of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and the Senate and House intelligence committees.

According to Politico, which had a copy of an October 15 action memo to Sec. of State Antony Blinken, the probes will look into the Dept. “Special Immigrant Visa program; Afghans processed as refugees and given admission into the United States; resettlement of these refugees and visa receivers; and the emergency evacuation of the United States Embassy within Kabul ‘to include evacuation of United States citizens along with Afghan nationals.’”

State inspector general spokesman Ryan Holden said to Politico it is “inaccurate to report that these projects are actually investigations.”

State Dept. spokesman Ned Price stated on Friday that around 129 United States citizens and 115 lawful permanent residents were sent out of Afghanistan after August 31, but it is not known how many are still left behind. Estimates for the amount of Afghan allies that could remain are as high as 75,000. In early Sept., one State Department member said “most” of the Special Immigrant Visa applicants were in fact left behind.

According to Politico, other inspector general offices will possibly launch similar probes.

Joe Biden’s incredibly dumb decision to remove the American military before civilians cost the lives of American service members. And given what is now known about the people who were evacuated, it seems safe to say that the Democrats were only interested in getting as many Afghans out as possible. What’s more, the decision to ignore safety procedures in the vetting of the refugees shows the extent to which Biden puts Americans last.

Author: Steven Sinclaire