Biden Stunned As He Realizes Americans Aren’t Buying His Ukraine Narrative

Little over one-third of Americans now approve of how President Biden has dealt with Russia as another crisis happens on his watch barely over one year into his time in office while most Americans disapprove of his handling of numerous other agenda areas, according to the latest survey from Gallup.

In total, 50 percent or more of Americans are against President Biden’s handling of the pandemic, foreign affairs, the dwindling economy, the crisis with Russia, and his total job performance as the leader of the free world.

As reported by Gallup, “Biden’s total job approval has shown no improvement since declining last fall after the American withdrawal from Afghanistan,” while “Inflation and the ongoing pandemic are possibly two factors keeping Joe Biden’s approval rating down.” No kidding.

What the new survey numbers reveal is that President Joe Biden’s handling of certain issues like the economy, covid pandemic, and growing tensions in Europe are just continuing to push his overall job approval lower with no agendas currently giving a life preserver for his underwater numbers.

In surveys from Feb. 2021, Aug. 2021, Nov. 2021, and Feb. 2022, Biden’s approval can be seen consistently going down. Biden’s reply to COVID went down from 67 to 51 to 49 to 47 percent among that time frame and his dealing with the economy went down from 54 to 46 to 38 to 37 percent.

Even for people who self-identified as Dems, Biden is losing ground. Toward the start of his tenure in Washington, Biden has an approval “consistently higher than 90% early on,” but approval by Democrats is now at 79 percent as reported by Gallup.

Interestingly, “Significantly less Democrats approve of how Joe Biden is dealing with the economy (72%), foreign issues (71%) and the Russian crisis (64%) than approve of his current performance.” This suggests that while Dems might offer up slightly more approval as a knee-jerk reaction about their party’s leader, they do not agree as strongly that his team is competently dealing with the issues facing America.

In other words, it’s going to be a rough road for Democrats in the upcoming midterms and even worse in 2024.

Author: Blake Ambrose