Biden Struggles Post-SOTU as His Party Lurches to Civil War

This week’s State of the Union address wasn’t one worth watching. Joe Biden mumbled and flubbed his way through a weak speech that failed to address the most pressing problems our country is facing. The critics weighed in and many have given their opinion. But a lingering question remains from Biden’s garbled words. He said he wanted to push a “unity agenda.” It sounded much like his inauguration speech when he promised unity.

But have we seen this administration do anything close to unifying the country? You might remember when Biden sat back and let his colleagues in Congress impeach a president—who was no longer in office. A president that had just won over 75 million votes in the election. Does that sound like unity to you?

Or what about the many times he blamed unvaccinated Americans for the ongoing COVID pandemic? Or when he tried to stamp out our constitutional liberties by mandating vaccinations? Or when he and his party tried to railroad controversial and destructive legislation through Congress—without one Republican on board?

But Biden’s disunity has finally come home to roost. Because now, even his own party is falling apart, thanks to his poor leadership.

Everywhere there were optics of dissension, division and dissatisfaction inside the Democratic Party.

Moderate Joe Manchin of West Virginia stunningly sat with Republican senators during the joint address, just hours after calling out Biden’s “hypocritical” action of allowing Russian oil to be imported to the United States while curtailing American energy production at home.

Adding injury to insult, two progressives — firebrand Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) and Black Caucus member Colin Allred (D-Texas) — felt compelled to air counterprogramming to their own president’s prime time speech. [Source: Just the News]

The Democratic Party is splintering, thanks to leaders like Joe who consistently bow to the radical left. Moderate Democrats (who hold positions that can win in swing states) are being left in the dust for idiots like AOC and Cori Bush. Biden pushes a socialist agenda that is losing support with voters. Meanwhile, he does nothing to confront these far-left radicals who are tearing his party apart.

By now, his leadership is so bad, that even the leftists are turning on him. The “squad” hates Biden; they refused to stand when he pushed for funding police departments. They are still on the failed notion that we should defund police departments and release violent criminals. Progressive Democrats are becoming increasingly hostile to Joe Biden, even as he’s prioritized their toxic platform throughout his administration.

All of this will come out in the midterms. Democrats will lose big in “safe” seats, because of this division. People like Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer will support the far left, alienating voters in red and swing states. It could leave the party in shambles, with nobody to pull them together.

Not that we’re crying about it.

Author: Moe Blow