Biden Storms Out On Reporter After Simple Question

Joe Biden’s never done a very good job at handling reporters. Throughout his campaign, he showed anger and frustration over any question he did like. Often, he would lash out at reporters, especially women, in response to their probing.

That was especially true when reporters dared to do their jobs and ask him about his son, Hunter.

It seems Joe Biden expects the media to treat like the same way they treated Barack Obama—not Donald Trump. He wants the kid gloves treatment, where the media just smiles and tosses him those oh, so easy questions.

And I’m sure the left-wing media is all too happy to do that for the old, not-quite-there, Democrats. But once in a while, someone bothers to ask him something meaningful. When they do, Biden just can’t handle it.

Democrat Joe Biden snapped at a reporter on Thursday who asked the new president about his vaccination goals.

“Mr. President, you said you set the goal at 100 million vaccines in the [first 100 days]. Is that high enough?” a reporter asked Biden. “Shouldn’t you set the bar higher? That’s basically where the U.S. is right now.”

“When I announced it, you all said, ‘It’s not possible,’” Biden responded. “Come on, give me a break, man. It’s a good start.”

Biden also repeatedly coughed into his hand during the press conference, which goes against CDC recommendations and is something that Biden has been warned about in the past, including from left-wing CNN. [Source: Daily Wire]

A reporter brought up the fact that before Joe set his goal at vaccination 1 million Americans a day, we had already reached that threshold. Before Biden set that goal, Americans under Trump’s administration were inoculated at a rate of 900,000-1,000,000 a day. Credit Operation Warp Speed for that.

Joe must have thought 1,000,000 was a big, impressive number. Or he didn’t bother to find out how many Americans were already getting vaccinated. His reaction to this question reveals how little he’s prepared for responding to anyone remotely critical of his decisions.

Biden was dismissive, insulting, and defensive. And, here’s the kicker, it wasn’t even a really tough question! The reporter just asked, “Shouldn’t you set the bar higher?” All that Biden had to say was, “We will be looking close at our progress and reassess when needed,” or something like that.

Hell, I’m not even a president and I was able to come up with that non-answer!

Instead, Joe snaps at the guy, with an attitude of, “How dare you question what I’m doing, man!” Is that a “presidential” response?

Trump was slammed regularly over his treatment of the press. But he always gave them clear answers. He would never have snapped at someone asking a legitimate question. In fact, he welcomed tough questions.

Joe Biden can’t even handle what is basically a softball question. Not great, Joe, not great.