Biden Starts Using The FBI As a ‘Gestapo’ For MAGA Parents

Internal FBI messages and emails published by a whistleblower inside the powerful federal agency show that Biden’s Attorney General, Merrick Garland, supported the use of counterterrorism tools to watch, track and spy on parents who were against the teaching of anti-white Critical Race Theory within schools.

House GOP members got and released the internal emails this Tuesday afternoon.

“The Criminal and Counterterrorism Divisions created a threat tag, EDUOFFICIALS, to watch instances of possible threats. We ask your offices use the threat tag to assessments and investigations of threats specifically aimed at school board leaders, members of the board, along with staff and teachers.”

A federal investigation into angry parents who are opposed to CRT came after demands from the National School Boards Administration, which targeted parents who went against far-left school board leaders as domestic terrorists in a message to the Biden White House. Internal NSBA papers show the message in question was drafted with the full knowledge and help of the Biden White House, in what amounts to a privatized accusation of terroristic crimes from the federal government.

The NSBA would later say they were sorry for the letter, admitting that accusations of domestic terrorism amounted to slander of parents who protested at the meetings. There is no sign that the DOJ has halted its look into CRT critics, which Garland has admitted started at after the NSBA message.

GOP members are demanding that Merrick Garland resign, after what appears to be a grave abuse of power in order to criminalize dissent against CRT being taught in schools. The documents also incriminate Garland for lying to the U.S. Congress, having previously said during testimony that he could not imagine a circumstance in which counterterrorism tools like parts of the Patriot Act might be used against concerned parents.

This comes at a time when Americans’ trust and approval of the Biden White House has fallen steeply since his inauguration. People have grown tired and angry because of inflation, which was aided in part by Biden’s large trillion-dollar infrastructure plan, along with far-left extremism among other problems that Joe Biden seems unable or unwilling to deal with.

Author: Steven Sinclaire