Biden Starts New ‘Border Project’ — Wait Till You See It

Construction is now about to start on temporary buildings at a Border Patrol checkpoint and other spots in Texas. The shelters are in the military-style and are general-purpose tents that can house 60 people in each tent. Plans for the buildings, which are made for short-term detainment, do not include personnel funding to staff the buildings.

According to a police source inside Border Patrol, Laredo Sector is now accepting hundreds of migrants from the Del Rio area. The source reports that almost 100 migrants are moved from Del Rio to Laredo, Texas each day.

Del Rio, Texas had a surge in illegal crossings of Venezuelan and Haitian nationals and is currently top in the Border Patrol apprehension rate for those two nationalities. According to the insider source, Del Rio is routinely seeing migrants from those two nations entering in numbers greater than 100 each day.

The source also reports the move is being timed to coincide with the discontinuation of the CDC Emergency COVID-19 declaration that allows for the quick deportation of single adults and some family units to Mexico within hours after arrest. Crossers who illegally enter the U.S. from Mexico and the northern triangle Central American nations of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador are subject to quick deportation under CDC’s Title 42 measure.

Some think the cancellation of the pandemic authority will lead to an immediate surge at the southern border and further hit an already overwhelmed Border Patrol.

Since January, the Biden team started dozens of temporary facilities for unaccompanied children and soft structures to handle the influx of illegal border crossers. The expensive facilities have helped to ease overcrowding for a time but have not dealt with the capacity issues entirely.

Despite the White House’s refusal to label the immigration problem on the southern border a crisis, the recent increases are troubling. The growing number of unaccompanied children venturing across the border has HHS struggling to find people to take in the children within the U.S.

Many think the impetus for the surges in illegals is being helped by Biden’s policy changes on illegal immigration. His new policies about interior enforcement and a lowering in deportations are also believed to be causing the surge in illegal border crossings.

Author: Blake Ambrose