Biden Staffer Under Fire After Scandalous Photo Goes Viral

We’ve had yet another case of Democrats demanding obedience from the rest of us, while they themselves refuse. All throughout the dark days of the COVID panic, Democrats from D.C. to your hometown imposed strict and ridiculous rules to “slow the spread” of the disease. But all too often, we discovered Democrats didn’t think they needed to follow those same rules.

Just think about Nancy Pelosi, who accused Republicans of “killing” people for pushing back on lockdowns. Yet soon later, she was seen breaking San Francisco’s lockdown to enter a salon (with no mask) and get her hair done. Sen. Feinstein had condemned people for not wearing masks at airports, only to be seen not wearing one while walking through an airport.

Most recently, John Kerry, one of Biden’s henchmen, was seen on a flight, not wearing a mask. Users online pointed out that he was not eating or drink, just flouting Biden’s own mandate.

This might have gone unnoticed, had we not just lived through abusive lockdowns and restrictions. Many people probably would not have cared about what Kerry was doing, had we not seen countless other Democrats break the rules on a whim.

If you or I had taken off our masks during a flight, American Airlines would have pounced on us. People have been thrown off flights and even banned from some airlines, for not complying with these rules. Is John Kerry exempt? Is he immune to COVID or unable to spread it to others? These are just a few of the objections people were making online, so the airline had to respond.

John Kerry, President Biden’s administration’s climate envoy, appeared to forgo a mask while flying first class on an American Airlines flight from Boston to Washington, violating the federal mask mandate, prompting an investigation from the airline…

A photo, first published by The Tennessee Star, shows the climate czar appearing to read a book, his face completely exposed…

Per the release, those who fail to adhere to the airline’s policy and the government directive “may be denied boarding, removed from the aircraft or subject to penalties under federal law, in addition to being barred from future travel with American.”

It is not clear if Kerry will face such penalties for his apparent infraction. [Source: Breitbart]

American Airlines claimed it was “looking into” this incident. But what will come of their investigation remains to be seen. They could refer the situation to the federal government, which might fine John Kerry for breaking his own boss’s rule. Or the airline could decide to ban him from all future flights, considering he was flagrantly violating the health and safety of everyone else on board.

Show of hands: how many people think John Kerry will not be held accountable for this? Millions of Americans are suffering because of a virus and unjust rules meant to curtail our freedoms. Yet Democrats can walk about, unconcerned with how we are all suffering.

They break their own rules and think nothing of it. Because they seem to think they are better than us.

Well, regardless of what American Airlines does, the American people won’t be forgetting this.