Biden Sneaks Immigration ‘Adjustment’ In Over Night — But It Doesn’t Go Well

President Biden’s government is intending to dramatically increase the yearly cap on refugee admissions in the upcoming fiscal year, giving 125,000 people refugee status. The move could double the current refugee intake cap which is 62,500, and would allow more refugees in than President Obama did during his final year in the White House.

The State Dept. confirmed that Biden’s big expansion of the federal refugee program in a comment put out this week. 40,000 migrants from Africa will be allowed to have refugee status, with 35,000 for South Asia and 15,000 coming from East Asia.

The U.S will admit 15,000 migrants from South and Latin America as refugees, a figure likely to set off more mass-scale illegal movement from Central America.

President Trump had succeeded in lowering the refugee admissions cap to under 10,000 his final year in office, citing the global covid pandemic that Biden seems to be ignoring when it comes to bringing in hundreds of thousands of third-world people into the country.

The refugee explosion also comes as President Biden is setting a single-year record for illegal immigration. Loose policies will serve like a magnet to attract in even more border surges, with the Democrat still not enforcing United States immigration law as people within his own White House admit the problem has spiraled and is now out of control.

The doubling of refugees being resettled comes as a lot of highly questionable Afghan migrants have shepherded into the nation’s immigration courts. Analysis has showed that just a small percentage of the Afghan nationals brought into the U.S. in the aftermath of their nation’s capitulation to the Taliban are real ‘translators’ or former allies of the United States military.

Refugee resettlement has turned into a profitable business for ‘charities’ at the expense of Americans and communities around the nation who are already saddled with welfare costs, on top of the detrimental effects on citizens’ quality of life.

This comes at a time when Joe Biden’s approval ratings are already plummeting to record lows and 2022 is looking like it could be a landslide, barring any possible voter fraud.

Author: Blake Ambrose