Biden Snaps At Reporter When Asked This Simple Question

With Hurricane Ida slamming into the coast of Louisiana as I write this, President Biden showed up at FEMA today. To the amount that he was able to stay awake, it was an impressive event. He did slow down some toward the end of his comments (as you will see in the video below).

Yet, it’s what occurred after he was done speaking that has people worried. Prior to walking away, Biden claimed that he was not “supposed” to accept questions, which is a weird thing he constantly does whenever he is in front of the media. Who exactly is ordering him not to interact with the media?

Regardless, he chose to accept an inquiry from one journalist. But when it was not the question he wanted, President Biden’s anger made a showing, as he stopped questioning and walked away.

Don’t you just feel the care emanating from Biden as he snaps at a journalist when asked about Afghanistan, the current disaster where 13 soldiers were just killed by terrorists?

The truth is, this is who President Biden really is. The myth that he has great empathy is a fake liberal creation meant to change up his personal loss into greater political gain. When faced with hard questions, even about very sensitive topics, Biden usually responds with anger and sarcasm.

A president has special responsibilities. One of those is being taking questions when it relates to the deaths of Americans. Walking away from that is very offensive and cold. It is something Donald Trump, who was often said to have a lack of empathy, never would have done. Rather, the former president would have taken a lot of questions. Why? Because that’s his job which he signed up for when he ran to be America’s Commander in Chief.

Joe Biden’s inability to deal with basic duties has turned into a legendary thing at this point. Given that, it is hardly a surprise he once again did not have the temperament to deal with the spotlight. That’s not an excuse, though. If the president cannot handle basic inquiries about his failures, especially after American citizens have died because of these decisions, he should just do us all a favor and resign.

Author: Steven Sinclaire