Biden Slips — Makes Civil War Plans Known To Everyone

This week, President Biden talked to reporters as he got ready to travel back to the States from the Geneva summit, after meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Just before he took off, Biden found some time for his favorite thing, which is tossing around insane claims about election laws being enacted around the nation.

“I’ve never seen since the Civil War, such a complete assault against voting rights. I mean a flat out attack. I did not expect that four years ago, but it is happening right now., Biden said.

In speaking about the events of Jan. 6, with “people breaking down doors to the Capitol., Biden said that those events “reinforced what I have always known and what I was taught by my professors and by senior Senators that I admired: that every generation must re-establish the foundation of its fight for democracy., which then led to Biden throwing out such a crazy charge about an “outward attack against voting rights.”

It would seen, then, that the president is doubling down on his lies that voter id is racist. Since his first briefing, he has likened such rules to Jim Crow. He kept repeating these comments, including during an ESPN discussion, to the point where MLB moved their top game to another state.

Biden and other liberals have targeted and vilified the Georgia election law signed by Governor Kemp, a Republican.

Meanwhile, former President Trump, in his speech earlier this month at the GOP convention, said that he wanted Georgia to do more to protect elections there.

During the Civil War, Blacks were seen as property by the elites that owned them, not citizens, and thus they could not vote. Women too could not vote.

Even though the president says he learned something from “political science professors., he seems to be reminded of these facts.

The DNC Party is attempting to enact the “For the People Act,” though it is likely dead considering Democrat Senator Manchin (WV) says he is against it. Manchin is anxious about the partisan source of the bill. Not only is such a bill partisan, it seems to involve a total federal takeover of elections.

Author: Steven Sinclaire