Biden Slips — Admits He’s Not The One Calling The Shots

President Joe Biden said this week that reports that his White House is negotiating huge payments to illegals who were separated from their families are “garbage.”

But his liberal friends at the ACLU, the NY Times, and ABC News said that, in fact, the stories about negotiated payments to illegals are true — and that maybe he did not remember or his team did not tell him.

What happened?

The WSJ revealed one week ago that the Biden White House was in talks to offer $450,000 a person to immigrant families who were separated during the Donald Trump years.

The U.S. Dept. of Justice, Health and Human Services, and Homeland Security, the Journal reported, were seeking “to resolve the lawsuits filed for the parents and children who report that the government subjected them to lasting psychological problems” and were considering payments that might total about $1 million per family.

As the revelation circulated within the media, critics said such a goal was not only unfair to American citizens, but also would lead to more illegals coming into the country. But President Biden recently said that he does not think a spike in illegal immigration would happen — only because he does not believe the story is anything other than “garbage.”

Apparently, he is not aware of what his staff is doing.

During a media briefing this week, Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked Joe Biden about the controversial move.

“As you were departing for your overseas trip, there were news reports that were surfacing about your administration’s wanting to pay illegals who were separated from their families up to $450,000 per person, maybe $1 million for each family,” Doocy started off. “Do you believe this could incentivize more people to come to America illegally?”

Joe Biden was incredulous.

“If you guys keep talking about that garbage, yeah,” the president replied. “But it is not true.”

Doocy replied, “So this is a garbage news report?”

“Yeah – $450,000 each, is that what you are saying?” Biden said with a look of disbelief.

Doocy spoke about the reported negotiations that Joe Biden’s own staff had been working on and would be for families split up under the Trump White House.

Biden responded, appearing not to know about his own departments were up to, “That is not going to happen.”

But the NY Times, the ACLU, and ABC News all have said after Biden’s comments that these stories were not “garbage.”

ACLU director Anthony Romero quickly condemned the president’s comment and said that maybe he did not know that his own DOJ was working on a deal about the separation of families. And Romero also stressed that it was part of Joe Biden’s campaign promises.

This goes to show that Biden, very likely, does not even know what is happening in his own White House.

Author: Steven Sinclaire