Biden Slips – Admits Crippling Inflation Is All His Fault

We didn’t think this could happen in less than a year. But after Donald Trump helped turn the U.S. economy into a powerhouse, Biden single-handedly brought it to a standstill. He did it through a variety of measures, policies, and regulations, but the biggest was an unthought-out spending bill from earlier in the year.

Biden rushed to put checks in Americans’ hands, along with expansions to unemployment and other forms of welfare.

He claimed this was needed, even though the country was getting back to work. This had a crippling effect on our country, one that has only gotten worse throughout the year. Now, some Americans won’t be able to afford Thanksgiving dinner (if they can even find a turkey). And Christmas will be even worse.

Now, Biden finally seems to be seeing the light. Sort of.

Although Biden pinned the problem on supply chain issues, calling it “the reason,” he also conceded that the U.S. dollar is losing buying power.

“The irony is people have more money now because of the first major piece of legislation I passed. You all got checks for $1,400. You got checks for a whole range of things,” Biden said during a speech in Baltimore. “If you’re a mom and you have kids under the age of 7, you get $300 a month and if it’s over 7 to 17, you’re getting $360 a month,” he said. The White House later corrected that latter number to $250 per month. [Source: Daily Wire]

Biden appeared to admit that his “stimulus” bill from early 2021 contributed to inflation, but he still seemed to be presenting it as some kind of win. What kind of morally bankrupt administration calls handing out money to people some kind of victory? In the same breath Biden admits he triggered a recession, while pretending like he knows what he’s doing.

The real irony is that Biden has no intentions of fixing his problem. If he really believed his deficit spending led to inflation, why is he still pushing for radical spending? Biden has refused to roll back regulations that are hurting the supply chain (and fuel production). He doesn’t do anything to bring federal workers back to their offices (adding to the pain). And he maintains policies that are flooding our country with illegal aliens (who take jobs from Americans actually looking for work).

In fact, Biden wants to pass one of the biggest spending bills in history—one that will put millions of Americans on welfare. Where does he think he’s going to get all that money? And what will happen when even more people ditch their jobs for free money? Does he really think this plan is going to reverse this crisis?

We can’t be sure Biden knows what is going on, on any level. From all appearances, he’s just doing what his handlers are telling him to do. And they aren’t the sharpest knives in the draw to begin with. What’s really shocking is that Congress isn’t trying to do anything to lower inflation, relieve the supply chain crisis, or deal with the fuel shortage.

Maybe they all need to find new jobs?

Author: Paul Baxter