Biden Says Conservatives Are More Dangerous Than ISIS

President Biden reasserted its opinion on Tuesday that white supremacy was “the most deadly threat” in the nation.

Biden talked about the alleged danger of white supremacy in his speech in Tulsa which was said to mark the 100 year anniversary of the 1921 racial riot.

“According to intel. community, white supremacy terrorism is the top threat to the country today,” Biden said. “Not a group like Al Qaeda or ISIS. White supremacists.”

Biden was pointing toward a comment from acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf, when he said to Congress that white supremacy was “the most lethal threat” to the Country in September 2020. In October 2020, DHS put out a report alleging that white supremacist extremism led to more fatal attacks than any other violent group since 2018.

Biden returned to the racial riots in Tulsa to show the historical one hundred year connection to white supremacists — comparing the event to the Charlottesville protest.

“What occurred in Greenwood was about hate and terrorism, with a line that extends to today,” he said. “Just remember seeing Charlottesville on television.”

Author: Blake Ambrose