Biden Rolls Out Red Carpet For Freeloads From Across The Globe

Many have speculated why Joe Biden would be so stupid to drop all of Trump’s border restrictions. Almost immediately, that led to a growing border crisis.

But a few Republicans have suggested Joe Biden did it on purpose. The socialist wants to create a new welfare state of poor folks dependent on the government. To do that, you need a steady flow of people coming in, in need of government handouts.

We’ve already seen countless illegals flooding in from Mexico and Central America. But Joe’s far from being finished. Even the New York Times is admitting that thousands are coming from all over the world, including places as far away as Asia.

President Joe Biden and his deputies have opened the nation’s southern border to a growing wave of economic migrants from Brazil, India, Cuba, Venezuela, and many other countries, according to a report Sunday in the New York Times…

“More than 12,500 Ecuadoreans were encountered in March, up from 3,568 in January. Nearly 4,000 Brazilians and more than 3,500 Venezuelans were intercepted, up from just 300 and 284, respectively, in January. The numbers in coming months are expected to be higher…”

“Most are simply being released to nonprofit aid centers, where they spend a day or two before traveling to join friends and relatives elsewhere in the United States,” the New York Times admitted.” [Source: Breitbart]

I guess the news has spread far and wide. Thanks to Joe Biden, the United States is now the world’s doormat, for anyone to trample over.

It looks like Biden is trying to manufacture another migrant crisis, the same one that devastated Europe just a few years ago. Millions of migrants from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia invaded Europe with the hopes of leeching off their welfare programs. Today, those people continue to live in those countries, refusing to assimilate and being a burden (and a danger) on hard-working citizens.

European nations did it to create their own welfare classes to control (and milk for votes). American Democrats are even more vile than their European role models. For years, they’ve kept American minorities oppressed and dependent on government handouts. Why should it stop there, when there is a whole planet of poor people they can exploit for power?

Mind you, Biden isn’t interested in helping lift these people out of poverty. Rarely do illegal immigrants rising out of their second-class conditions, especially if they are working for near-slave wages or taking government aid. Biden simply wants to expand socialism in this country, so he and his comrades can become more rich and powerful.

All these migrants are just pawns in his plan to both expand the welfare class and erode economic stability and success for real Americans. And with each passing day, the crisis gets worse.

I wonder how bad it will get, before we hit the point of no return?

Author: Tim Drewson.