Biden Resumes Leases for Oil Drilling–but There’s a Catch

Joe Biden blamed Putin for the gas crisis for as long as he could. But it doesn’t seem that Americans were buying it. His approval polls continue to plummet, with inflation and energy prices the top reasons. We all know that gas prices have been going up since Joe Biden entered office. That’s thanks to a variety of policies he put into effect, that crippled American energy.

He killed the Keystone XL pipeline. Set harsher emission standards. Ended drilling in ANWR. And froze leases on federal land for drilling. All of this (and even more if you can believe it) caused gas prices to go through the roof. Biden has made a few half-hearted attempts at “fixing” the issue. Now, it looks as if he’s finally relenting. But read through the lines.

The Department of Interior announced Friday that it will resume the sale of oil and gas leases on federal land beginning next week.

The Bureau of Land Management will begin issuing final environmental assessments and sale notices on Monday for future oil and gas projects and will offer for lease “approximately 173 parcels on roughly 144,000 acres, an 80 percent reduction from the acreage originally nominated,” BLM stated…

In a statement to Fox News regarding the decision, the American Petroleum Institute expressed concern over whether the move will add “new barriers to increasing energy production.” […]

“We are pleased to see the Interior Department finally announce a restart to the long-delayed onshore leasing program required under the law, but we are concerned that this action adds new barriers to increasing energy production, including removing some of the most significant parcels.” [Source: Fox News]

The Biden administration is bragging that they are unfreezing leases for drilling on federal land. But what CNN and others refuse to tell you is that they are denying 80% of the land originally nominated for use. That means of all the land that can be drilled on, Biden is opening up only 20% of it. That’s a far cry from actually fixing the problem.

In fact, Biden is doing virtually nothing to help—only enough to make it look like he’s doing something.

This comes, keep in mind, after the Supreme Court ordered Biden to lift his ban months ago. Biden, as usual, defied the highest court in the land (as they did when it required him to keep Remain in Mexico), leaving this land untapped.

It doesn’t seem that the Biden administration has any intentions of ending this energy crisis. They claim this is for protecting the environment. That isn’t true. Trump protected the environment and helped unleash America’s energy potential. For the Biden administration, this is about placating foreign oil producers like OPEC and China.

They aren’t interested in helping Americans thrive, only their allies overseas. Biden’s entire agenda is about weakening America’s competitive advantage, so other corrupt nations and corporations can succeed.

It’s not going to end, until he’s out of office.

Author: Moe Blow