Biden Refuses To Acknowledge China’s Crimes

The Biden White House is refusing to condemn China for the virus leak from a Wuhan lab, which House Republicans say was the cause behind the virus outbreak and pandemic.

President Biden confirmed in another comment on Wednesday that no conclusions are being made on the origins of the virus until there is a 90-day review by America’s Intelligence Community.

This comes only one day after Biden stopped a federal investigation into the source of coronavirus that was previously started by the Trump White House. Instead, his administration requested help on the investigation from China and the WHO.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki said, “President Biden believes we must have an independent investigation, done by the international community.”

Republicans have said that neither the WHO nor China have been forthcoming and honest in sharing the details of their investigations. Meanwhile, they say that their report is based on American Intelligence data and that President Biden’s 90-day pause poses an unneeded delay in keeping China accountable.

Author: Scott Dowdy