Biden Reacts To GOP Congressman’s Insult Over Mask Mandate

President Biden has responded to GOP Rep. Chip Roy telling him to “kiss my a**” over Biden’s federal mask rule, saying the Texas lawmaker’s comment was “not very American.”

But Roy is standing by his words, and disagrees on the comment not being “American.”

Biden talked about enforcing a nationwide mask rule leading up to the election, and reasserted his promise before taking power.

In December, Biden pledged on Twitter, “On day one, I’ll pass an order requiring masks everywhere I can.”

Roy replied with, “On day one I will tell you to kiss my a**.”

During his speech Tuesday, President Biden stressed that “experts predict that wearing masks until April could save 50,000 lives” from coronavirus.

The president then reminded everyone he had already enacted his mask mandate, before remembering Roy’s comments.

“One lawmaker pointed out — and he used wild terms to say this — something like ‘Wear a mask? I would tell Biden to kiss my ear, I’m not wearing no mask,'” Biden told the audience. “Well that is not American.”

In response, Republican Roy said to RealClearNews, “It’s not my best Christian words but it is very much American.”

Biden had pledged a mask order that would be for the entire nation, but then said even if it were constitutional, such a rule would be almost impossible to enforce. Instead, he gave an order requiring everyone wear a mask while on federal grounds and on interstate travel like trains and airplanes.

The mandate was Biden’s first executive order signed. It was enacted within hours of him taking office. He also was the first one to violate it, when he appeared mask-less during his evening inaugural celebration.

WH press secretary Jen Psaki defended Biden by saying he was “celebrating,” and then changed the topic claiming “we have bigger issues to worry about.”