Biden Pushes His Most Controversial Agenda — And Everyone Is Angry

WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki left no one doubting on Thursday when it came to Biden’s future plans for blue collar workers. Joe Biden already stopped the construction of one pipeline along with thousands of jobs.

But what about other pipelines, such as the pipeline that Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is attempting to cancel? Whitmer told Enbridge Inc. that she would be removing their easement because of environmental violations.

“Enbridge has consistently not guarded our Great Lakes and the millions of citizens who depend on them for clean water,” she said in her announcement. “They have routinely ignored the terms of our 1953 easement by letting structural issues continue that put our Great Lakes at great risk.”

“Most vitally, Enbridge has forced onto the people of Michigan a high risk of a disastrous oil spill in our Great Lakes that would destroy our economy and way of life,” she said.

A journalist at Thursday’s briefing asked Psaki whether Biden had the same goals for the Great Lakes pipeline, not to mention the other pipeline projects in the nation.

“A number are being reviewed,” Psaki said. “All of these pipelines are being looked at.”

This isn’t the first dismissive comment the Biden White House has made against pipeline jobs. When Transportation Secretary (then nominee) Pete Buttigieg was asked to comment on the issue, he stated he hoped those workers could get “different” jobs.