Biden Pulls Out The Big Guns In War Against 2A — It Doesn’t End Well For Him

President Biden came under continued backlash for his controversial comments that he made this Wednesday about Americans who buy firearms as a safeguard against tyrannical leaders, with critics saying that Biden’s comments go against the narrative that the media has pushed about the Jan 6th protest.

“The Second Amendment, from the earliest day, had limited the sort of people who can own a gun and what weapon they could own., Biden said. “You could not purchase a cannon. Those who say the blood of patriots, you know, all these saying about fighting the government.”

“Well, if you believe you need weapons to fight the government, you also need fighter jets and some nukes,”,., Biden said. “The point is there was always the ability to rationally limit, the sort of weapons that people can own, and who can own them.”

Independent reporter Glenn Greenwald responded to a twitter post that showed Biden’s remarks from Wednesday compared to his comments made when responding to Jan 6th. Biden said about the riot, “Our democracy is under assault.”

“You cannot believe these two things to be true simultaneously., reporter Drew Holden said.

“Exactly., Greenwald responded. “Biden’s mockery of the American people – you believe you can threaten the gov. with guns? You need nukes to do that – shows how stupid the narrative of a few hundred protesters as a threat to the most militarized government.”

“Wait, so a man dressed like a crazy Burning Man reject and wearing a buffalo hat and other LARPers almost destroyed the whole government but you can’t own a rifle because the government can nuke you? PICK ONE., Dana Loesch said. “Hands up don’t nuke.”

“Just recently the government was almost overthrown by unarmed guys led by someone in a viking cap., commentator Michael Malice explained. “The increasing speed of social media makes it almost impossible for Democrats to keep a coherent narrative during shifting conditions.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire