Biden Publicly Humiliated After Losing Major Battle To Trump

When COVID-19 first reached our shores, President Donald Trump moved heaven and earth to protect Americans. Sure, the media has re-written history to make it seem like Trump did nothing. But if it wasn’t for his herculean efforts, especially early on, we would never have developed life-saving treatment, vaccines, and a quick return to normalcy.

But that didn’t stop Joe Biden from milking COVID fear for all its worth. The Democrat promised to “shut down the virus,” claiming he’d do a better job than the man who provided us with three vaccines. So, how has Biden done on COVID since entering office? Not even remotely better than Trump. In fact, thanks to Biden, this year was even more deadly than last.

According to data released by Johns Hopkins University, more people have died from COVID-19 in 2021 than in 2020.

Despite President Biden’s promise to “shut down the virus,” since January 1, 2021, more than 353,000 deaths have been attributed to COVID-19. This is around 1,000 more than the number of people who died from COVID-19 during the first ten months of the pandemic in 2020…

“I think it is fair to say that had we been better about vaccinating the population before this most recent wave, we could have averted a substantial number of those deaths,” [Dr. David] Dowdy continued. [Source: Daily Wire]

The medical community is making a variety of excuses for the increase in deaths, but it boils down to one thing. Not enough Americans have been fully vaccinated this year, so the fast-spreading, deadly disease has taken more victims. But who was responsible for getting Americans vaccinated? Oh, yeah, that was Joe Biden.

Many believe the FDA delayed authorizing the vaccines until late 2020, after the election, for political reasons. Fewer people had access to the life-saving treatment, developed under President Trump, by the end of 2020. But by this year, the vaccine rollout was largely hampered by the incoming administration.

Biden had previously bashed the vaccine effort, saying Trump’s vaccine would not be effective. Then, his incompetent administration is a poor job of getting doses to the states. At one point early on, they lost track of 20 million doses. By the time the vaccine was made available to all Americans (around late May), it’s possible sentiment set in that the vaccine wasn’t worth getting or was too risky.

Sleepy Joe has been unable to encourage Americans to get the jab. His tactic has revolved around bullying, slander, misinformation, and downright coercion. If there’s one way to make sure Americans won’t do something, tell them to do it.

Beyond the vaccine, Biden had promised we’d be free of the virus by July 4th. He was wrong by a large margin. Yet, as usual, he has refused to take responsibility for his failure. Will the media blame him for all these deaths, as they blamed Trump for deaths in 2020?

Something tells me, no.

Author: James Anderson