Biden Proved In 2021 That He’s Not a Leader

President Biden went to Delaware 31 times in his first year as the president, spending most of his weekends away from Washington.

The First Lady Jill Biden and Joe arrived at their home in Rehoboth beach for many days with plans to leave in the middle of the week for their house in Wilmington.

Biden is setting a brand new precedent for America’s leader to leave Washington, DC, almost every weekend.

It is not clear what Joe Biden does at home and who he sees, as the White House has not released visitor logs.

“I can confirm we won’t be giving information about the travels of the president’s family or the people who visit him in Delaware,” White House Media Secretary Jen Psaki said back in August.

The president also had 12 trips to Camp David this year, as reported by former CBS News White House Reporter Mark Knoller.

Although Joe Biden’s destinations are close by to Washington, DC, the president’s movement requires a ton of resources, including complex Secret Service rules and the use of the Marine One helicopter. The media pool of journalists is also brought back and forth from D.C. each the weekend.

In August, Biden had nine Marine One flights in the 18 days as he juggled his time between Washington, Camp David, and his house in Delaware as the terrible withdrawal from Afghanistan happened.

The White House defended Joe Biden’s many trips to his home state of Delaware, saying that he deserves to have his weekends at his house instead of D.C.

“The president lives in Wilmington, Delaware. It’s his home. That is where he has lived for many years,” Psaki said back in March.

Joe Biden’s desires to be away from D.C. for as much time as he can shows that he does not really want to do the job of president. And Americans demand and deserve better, especially at a time when they are suffering from out of control inflation and rampant fear about the covid-19 pandemic. In fact, there has never been a worse time for America’s leader to go MIA any chance he gets.

Author: Scott Dowdy