Biden Prepares For War As Massive Resistance Movement Gets Underway

Joe Biden sabotaged his already failing administration when, in September, he announced his vaccine mandate. This rule would force all working Americans to get the shot, or else lose their jobs. Even before the order was officially signed, millions of Americans were getting fired or forced out of work. Now, old Joe is setting the deadline for January of 2022.

His administration plans to waste time and money conducting raids—I mean, “planned inspections” of companies to ensure they are complying with his unconstitutional mandate. He’s going to have a pretty hard time enforcing this rule, however, as a powerful resistance is growing.

A total of 27 states so far have filed lawsuits against the Biden administration over the COVID-19 vaccine mandate on private businesses of 100 or more employees…

If the businesses do not follow the mandate, they could face fines of up to $14,000 per violation…

All but one of the states that filed lawsuits, Iowa, have Republican attorneys general. Kansas, Kentucky, and Louisiana are the only three of the 27 states that have Democratic governors, and Iowa’s governor is a Republican…

Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah all joined a lawsuit in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, which issued a temporary block on the vaccine mandate. [Source: Just the News]

Over half of the states have sued the Biden administration in a series of lawsuits over his vaccine mandate. That even includes several states with Democratic governors, including Kansas, whose governor is in support of the lawsuit.

Gov. Kelly, who is up for re-election in a largely conservative state, is in support of her state’s suit against Biden. Liberal governor of Kentucky, who is not up for re-election until 2023, is not. Big surprise.

These lawsuits are being filed with various federal circuit courts—which could result in conflicting rulings. Some states might win blocks on the rule, while others may not. That, of course, will not remedy the situation, since the mandate affects the entire country. Chances are, these cases will be merged (one way or another) and be brought before the Supreme Court before long.

Plenty of legal experts have weighed in on Biden’s extreme mandate. Most say that the president does not have the authority to force companies to comply with such a measure. The issue will be less about the vaccine and COVID and more about what power the president has to dictate private businesses. This is a crucial issue and will define the president’s power for years—if not decades—to come.

This could affect how future presidents govern, what they can or can’t do to the American public. It all depends on how the courts rule, and if they put American liberties ahead of a runaway administration.

These lower court rulings will most certainly be appealed by the Biden administration. So, a higher court decision is almost a certainty.

Author: Thomas Maxwell