Biden Prepares Conservative ‘Cleanup’ — Yes, It’s As Bad As It Sounds

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said recently that the Pentagon would begin to “find and remove” so-called extremists from the Military.

The group has brought in bipartisan authorities to advise them on different types of extremists. Two of the organizations being consulted are the SPLC and the ADL, organizations that push Congress to destroy the 1st Amendment and influence tech platforms to censor conservatives.

They have also included two conservative groups which are supposed to balance things out. These are the First Liberty Institute and Middle East Media Research Institute.

Meanwhile, the nefarious liberal and often times anti-white ADL and SPLC have been exposed before.

The ADL is continuing to use the January 6 event to justify its thinking that White Supremacism is a huge threat which needs a “complete society mobilization” —that is, a combination of Big Tech with state and federal government—against it.

The organization has asked Biden to “convene a Preventing Domestic Terrorism Summit between state, federal and private business officials.”

If the Pentagon wants to stop extremism, they might start with not doing business with organizations like the ADL and SPLC who preach extreme positions against America’s constitution, especially the 1st Amendment.

Author: Scott Dowdy