Biden Plans Day One ‘Anti-Trump’ Executive Order

On his first day in office, Biden is supposedly planning to undo many immigration policies that helped America greatly under President Trump’s administration.

This Friday, Biden told followers he would introduce immigration reforms “immediately” after entering the White House, prioritizing the legal state of 11 million illegals.

“I will start an immigration bill on day one,” Biden stated. “And send it the appropriate places to begin enactment.”

The bill would allow illegals to be eligible for permanent residency in five years and even citizenship after three years. The new legislation cuts three years from Trump’s process and Republicans are likely to try to block the bill.

In comparison, the Trump White House increased border security, which made it harder for illegals to enter the United States. Trump’s immigration agenda put Americans, their jobs and their safety above everything else.

“To stop those policies is to purposely put America in very serious danger and to override the great experts from the DHS,” President Donald Trump said. “The safety of our country must be put before politics. There are many disagreements in the nation, but we should all agree with the vital need to secure our borders and allow police to do their jobs without interference.”

Some Dems have said Biden should instead pursue bipartisan legislation during his administration.