Biden Picks a Fight He Just Can’t Win – Manchin Guts Radical Spending Bill

Despite the many problems ravaging our nation, Democrats on Capitol Hill are only concerned with passing Biden’s bloated spending bill. They ignore problems he created, to push a plan that will only further hurt our economy, major industries, and national security.

The bill passed in the House, thanks to a slim liberal majority. But it has struggled to make it through the Senate. The reconciliation process means they only need a majority vote to get it done. But a handful of moderate Democrats refuse to rubber-stamp this socialist takeover of our country.

Joe Manchin, senator from West Virginia, has been outspoken in his opposition to this bill. The moderate Democrat (hailing from a conservative state) has mainly been concerned with how much Biden’s spending bill will cost—with no clear way to pay for it. He has refused to offer his support. Now, he is recommending major changes to Biden’s gold calf.

Moderate Democratic West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin is pushing for Senate Democrats to pare down the Biden administration’s proposed “Build Back Better” spending plan, picking their top priorities and financing them over the full 10-year life of the bill, amid concerns over inflation and the cost of the package…

Manchin criticized the Democrats’ strategy of implementing short-term plans into the bill, which multiple analyses have found would significantly increase the costs of the bill if made permanent…

“I think everybody has to choose, basically, what we can sustain,” he added. “And that’s a ten-year program.” [Source: Daily Wire]

This has been Manchin’s biggest move against Biden’s spending bill and a possible sign that he will ultimately reject it. Why do I say that? Because Manchin, as a Democrat, can’t outright oppose a bill put forward by his own party. But we know he doesn’t want to support it (partly because he represents a largely Republican state). So, he has to find concrete reasons to criticize the bill, as excuses for not supporting it.

He has long complained about the cost of the bill and how it will make inflation worse. But that won’t go very far, with idiot Joe Biden saying the bill costs “zero.” So now, Manchin is smartly pushing Democrats to make major cuts to the bill, to bring the costs down. Then, he says, they can rightly implement these programs for ten years, not the one or two they originally planned.

This is a bold move, but a smart one. He’s putting the ball in the Democrats’ court. If they want his support, they’ll have to consider his recommendations. If that happens, the bill will be far removed from the radical plan Biden and the socialists wanted. A win for Manchin. But if they refuse to make the cuts he’s asking for, he can simply reject the bill and blame them.

Either way, he protects himself.

What will Democrats do? Right now, it is very unlikely that they’ll agree to his cuts. Democrats are hell bent on pushing a toxic spending agenda, claiming this is what Americans want. And they know making large cuts to the bill undermines the real point of the bill. So, there is a good chance Manchin’s lack of support will freeze this bill for good.

Author: Tom Anderson