Biden Outnumbered As Democrat Reveal Plot To Take Him Down

Democrats with Congress are working on multiple hearings into Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Biden White House’s handling of it as the Taliban retakes the nation in days, jeopardizing the safety of American citizens and Afghans who aided them during the war.

Hearings are expected inside the House once it comes back from its August recess next Monday. House Speaker Pelosi stated that the Foreign Affairs Committee will have the first one next week, while the chairman, NY Rep. Gregory Meeks, stated this week that he had invited Sec. of State Antony Blinken and Sec. of Defense Lloyd Austin to come and testify.

Top chairs within the Senate have also reported that hearings will happen once they come back on Sept. 13. Several have criticized the Biden White House over its exit strategy and underestimate how quickly the Taliban would push forward.

“In going forward with this flawed plan, I’m disappointed that the Biden White House clearly did not accurately look at the implications of a fast US withdrawal,” said NJ Senator Bob Menendez, the Foreign Relations Committee chair, in a comment Tuesday. “We are now looking at the horrifying results of years of intelligence and policy failures.”

He added that he would soon have a hearing on “the Trump White House’s flawed negotiation with the Taliban, and the Biden White House’s flawed withdrawal.”

Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed, the chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said in a comment that he was “deeply worried about the continuing humanitarian problem in Afghanistan” and that there are “no simple answers to how we got to where we’re at.”

“At the right time, the Senate Armed Services Committee will have hearings on what happened in Afghanistan and lessons we learned to avoid these mistakes,” he said.

Both were echoed by Virginia Senator Mark Warner, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, who called the events of this week “devastating.”

“Intel. officials have anticipated for years that without the U.S. military the Taliban would keep making gains in Afghanistan,” he said in a comment. “That is exactly what occurred as the Afghan National Security Forces proved not able or willing to defend against the Taliban in Kabul and across the nation.”

Author: Scott Dowdy