Biden Officials Just Shut Down “The Investigation of the Century”

Yesterday, Jen Psaki was asked why President Biden was not pushing for more information on the Wuhan lab leak. “We have routinely called for the WHO to push for an expert-driven evaluation of the virus’ origins,” Psaki responded.

That answer was disturbing. Because it makes it seem as thought we don’t have an American investigation into the issue.

Well, now there are reports that President Biden has actually stopped our investigation.

The investigation was started under President Trump to research the origin of the pandemic. But the Biden White House shut down the inquiry this spring.

The decision to halt the inquiry, which was mostly run out of the State Department, was made after Biden officials were informed about the team’s draft findings back in February and March, a State Department spokesperson said. They then questioned the findings and the investigation was said to be a waste of resources, explained a source close to the decision.

President Trump correctly blamed China for the original coronavirus cover-up. The “politicization” of the issue was by the Democrats and some media officials who were completely focused on hating Trump and labeling the lab leak question a conspiracy.

But if “politicization” was the problem, why didn’t Biden just start his own investigation? The answer is pretty clear: They were not interested in facts, despite being just the elected officials who should be investigating such facts. That’s more than a little troubling.

Author: Steven Sinclaire