Biden Offends Conservatives, Then Demands Their Absolute Loyalty

This week, close to the end of his State of the Union speech, Biden mumbled something concerning unity. Many of us were shocked by the end of his long rambling oration when he spoke about border security and giving money to the police that his closing might have gone over our heads. It was as though the first year of his White House never happened. So, at the end of his speech, the intern that manages his Twitter account supported his final message:

One could say it was a throwback to his inaugural speech, after which Joe Biden did his best to otherize Americans that Dems believe are against their policies. Whether it was unvaccinated people, parents fighting radical anti-white curriculum, or GOP-led states pushing laws to restore election integrity, the Biden White House treated them as the enemy,

President unity, no doubt. Biden’s DOJ even used the FBI to fight local debates concerning the K-12 curriculum after partnering with the National School Boards Association. Which is the same agency that is keeping January 6 defendants in solitary confinement for simple misdemeanors. The FBI-led investigation has arrested more people for that four-hour event than the months-long riots which happened 2020.

Examples of President Joe Biden’s divisive agendas and rhetoric are not isolated to his first year in the White House. Even his speech last night led to divisive issues. He once again said that state election system needed federal legislation, accusing red states of attempting to suppress votes.

“The most fundamental right in this country is the right to vote in an election — and have it counted. And look, it is under assault.”

“In many states, new laws were passed, not only to suppress votes — we have been there before — but to subvert the whole election.”

Biden also asked Congress to pass immediate gun control legislation with the normal ignorant rhetoric of the anti-white left:

“I ask Congress to support proven measures to lower gun violence. Support universal background checks. Why would anyone on the terrorist list be able to buy a weapon?”

“And folks, banning assault weapons with high-capacity mags that hold hundred of rounds.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire