Biden ‘Narrows’ Which Americans Gets COVID Relief

Joe Biden has only been in office for a few weeks and already his own supporters are turning on him. That’s probably because he turned on them first. He signed several orders that killed tens of thousands of jobs. He revealed his COVID payments would be less than what he promised. Now, more bad news is coming from the White House.

When he campaigned for the Georgia runoffs, he told voters point blank that he’d provided $2,000 relief payments. He said they would go “out the door” immediately. Well, Georgia gave him two Democrats, but the payments are nowhere in sight.

On top of that, his plan is to provide Americans $1,400 payments, not $2,000. Many people (who voted for him because they want free stuff from the government) are accusing him of lying.

They are going to be upset when they learn what he wants to do next.

Democrat President Joe Biden is reportedly open to narrowing who qualifies for the next round of stimulus checks, which comes as critics from Biden’s own party have suggested that he has already broken his promise of $2,000 stimulus checks…

One proposal discussed by senior Democrats includes lowering the threshold for the payments to begin phasing out above $50,000 for single taxpayers, $75,000 for people who file as the heads of households, and $100,000 for married couples, according to two people granted anonymity to discuss internal planning…

The Biden administration is reportedly not considering lowering the payments below $1,400, however, even that number is causing problems for Biden from within his own party. [Source: Daily Wire]

“Narrowing” means that fewer Americans will be receiving support from this round of COVID relief. The government already did that with their $600 payments in December. After months of refusing to provide additional relief, Congress provided half of what they previously promised. But it was quickly discovered that only some Americans would get actual checks. The rest of us might see the relief in the form of a tax credit.

Now, this additional $1,400 (which Biden claims brings the total up to $2,000—even though that’s not what he promised) will be provided to even fewer Americans. According to reports, Democrats might phase out payments to anyone earning $50,000 or more.

That brings this COVID relief more in line with traditional welfare payments. It seems like Democrats only think low-income folks have suffered during the pandemic—not the entire country. Millions of middle-class and working-class Americans lost their jobs during the shutdowns. Hundreds of thousands of businesses were forced to shut their doors.

Now, after months of nothing, they might not even get their petty $1,400 check.

This is just further proof that the government is not your friend. They were the ones who shut down your businesses, kicked your kicks out of school, and took your jobs. They were the ones who refused to provide relief throughout last year, over politics. Now, they won’t even show you the decency of a payment.

What will they do next, burn down your house and steal your dog? It wouldn’t surprise me.