Biden Makes An ‘Oath To God’ To End Voter Integrity

President Biden invoked a sworn oath “to God” to protect the nation against all threats, foreign and domestic, while pushing Democratic efforts to achieve election dominance under the guise of voting rights as the GOP pushes sweeping reform bills across the nation, on Tuesday.

Biden’s comments, given at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, came after progressives claimed he was not forceful enough going into the failed Senate vote on the For the People Act. That measure succeeded through the House with Dem votes, but failed the Senate when all 50 Republicans voted it down.

Even with the criticism from Biden’s left, his team has maintained that supporting Democrats’ voter rights programs is the “fight” of Biden’s career.

He started his speech on Tuesday by attacking former President Trump’s “big lie” and the push of Republican states to pass election security legislation in a speech about “voting rights.”

“Some things within America should be straightforward and simple,” Biden said. “Maybe the most important and fundamental is the right to vote freely.”

Biden denounced President Trump’s claims concerning the election — “‘the most scrutinized election in our history,’ are just that, a huge lie.”

He said that Republican state voter laws, passed after the election, are the “most un-American thing imaginable.”

Biden asked for Congress to enact both the Dem-created For the People Act and the John Lewis Act, saying he would “promptly” sign them both into law.

“This is simply election subversion, and it is the worst threat to voting in a free and fair election in our history,” the president said. “We ask our Republican friends around the country to stand up for God’s sake, and help stop this effort to harm our elections and the right to vote. Do you have no shame?”

Biden also wanted a new “coalition” of industry leaders to agree to efforts created by Democrats, including Texas state lawmakers meeting with both Biden and VP Kamala Harris this week, to work against GOP state election laws.

Getting emotional during his ending comments, the president spoke about the oath he “swore to God, to protect, preserve, and defend the Constitution.” Biden ended by citing the oath he used, “to God.”

“We have the means and we have the will. The will to strengthen our democracy,” Biden said. “We will never give up. We will overcome and it together, ensuring all votes are counted. That is always the most patriotic thing to do.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire