Biden Makes a Terrifying “Agreement” With America’s Top Corporations

President Joe Biden is partnering up with America’s top executives from numerous businesses to promote his nationwide COVID-19 vaccination mandate. This week at the White House, Joe Biden welcomed leaders from Microsoft, Disney, Walgreens, Kaiser Permanente and other corporations for a meeting to encourage them to support the vaccine mandate.

The new mandate says that businesses with at least 100 employees or more must have vaccination mandates or weekly testing. After constant pushes to coerce citizens to get the mRNA vaccine, the Biden White House is now looking at schools, companies and local and state governments to help with their mandate by creating mandatory vaccines for their employees.

“Vaccination is crucial to getting covid-19 under control and keeping our economy strong,” Biden said recently.

“The vaccine requirements are good and more corporations and businesses are instituting them, even at Fox News,” Biden said. “And I am not being facetious when I say that, but it is interesting they have stepped up.”

The mandate will supposedly vaccinate 80 million more American citizens and businesses that do not go along with the policy, might face charges over $13,000 per violation. Also, he emphasized the Labor Dept.’s efforts to get almost all health care employees vaccinated.

“If you want care at a health facility, seems to me that you should know the people treating you are vaccinated,” said Joe Biden. “And that is what we are doing, period.”

Some companies have threatened to sue the Joe Biden White House for this rule, but other firms like Amtrak and United Airlines have given vaccine mandates for their employees even before his executive order.

The country is reportedly 54 percent completely vaccinated and experts say these requirements might take some time. However, Joe Biden claims after two-thirds of the nation’s remaining work force is vaccinated, employment will go up.

“Vaccinations mean less infections, less deaths and hospitalizations, and in turn, it means a better economy,” said Biden.

While Democrats push vaccine mandates, conservatives are fighting against such top-down control over Americans’ bodies. There is also the odd fact that Joe Biden is not so supportive of forced, or even optional vaccines for illegal immigrants piling in through America’s southern border.

Author: Steven Sinclaire