Biden Loses Top Communications Official–Just Before State of the Union

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the least-favorable job to have in the Biden administration is dealing with the public. Joe Biden is notoriously bad at communication. Most Americans believe he’s suffering from mental decline, thanks to how badly he speaks. More than that, his policies have been a train wreck, outraging Americans from all walks of life.

Who would want to head up this dumpster fire, explaining to Americans what the hell is going on?

Already, top communications people from the administration have fled. One, who worked for Kamala Harris, left for a worse job in Congress (that’s how bad it is). You can imagine how miserable it is for people in his press department and other departments that are trying to make sense of this “presidency.” So, we shouldn’t be surprised that Biden lost another staffer, just before a major day.

A top communications team member of President Joe Biden has announced her departure ahead of his upcoming State of the Union address on March 1.

Mariel Saez, White House director of broadcast media, revealed her decision to leave the Biden administration role in a statement on Monday…

Biden has only conducted a small number of broadcast interviews since entering office. Many of the interviews he has given have been marred by gaffes, angry statements, and fact checks that have required clean-up by other White House officials. [Source: Daily Wire]

The communications team of Biden’s White House is responsible for handling his public appearances. They are the ones who have to deal with Biden’s growing dementia, trying to convince the world that this doddering old man is really in charge. Their strategy, thus far, has been to hide him from the world. Not a great plan, for the President of the United States.

The times he has made appearances, either in interviews or press conferences, he has been a total mess. Only further convincing Americans he is unfit for the job. Imagine the work they have cut out for them, for this year’s State of the Union?

Biden is going to have to speak before the whole world and claim that his first year was a success. Because of Joe, our country is in total free fall. The economy is a wreck, thanks to inflation, rising gas prices, a worker shortage, and a broken supply chain. All Biden’s fault. He failed to handle Afghanistan, abandoning Americans. And his “signature” policies items—ending COVID and passing massive spending—have crashed and burned.

I write for a living, but I would not want to be the one responsible for Biden’s speech. What the hell is he going to say? The man has single-handedly turned America into a laughing stock. The only honest thing he could say is, “The state of our union is weak. And it’s my fault.” But there’s no way Democrats will let him say that.

Thus, Mariel Saez is jumping ship. I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone else follows with her.

Author: Moe Jlow