Biden Loses The One Group He Needs To Win 2024

President Biden’s work performance numbers are now severely down even in the deep blue state of California, as reported by the CIVIQS approval average.

Around fifty percent of the California people disapproved of Joe Biden’s work performance, reaching a new high after him being in office for more than a year. There were just 40 percent who stated they approve of Joe Biden’s leadership, with ten percent stating they were undecided.

Biden’s overall approval in California is now negative ten percent.

Since then, he has gone through a year of terrible policies and very few policy wins. Most of Biden’s new programs were stuck inside the Senate after just barely being able to pass the House.

Biden also saw many survey numbers free-falling from where they were only a year ago as the consequences of bad decision-making, like the supply chain problems, record-breaking inflation, and the open border agenda.

In comparison, his work performance has totally flipped since getting inaugurated previously last year, on Jan. 20.

On inauguration day, he was doing well with 61 percent approval. At that time, just 30 percent disapproved of him, with nine percent stating that they were undecided.

Biden’s overall approval in California during this time was a net positive of around 31 percent.

The CIVIQS rolling average got 165,786 replies measured between Jan. 20 and Feb. 12, over one full year of Joe Biden being in the oval office. It is not known how many of the repliers identified as being only from California.

This comes at a time when Donald Trump has gone up in the polls steadily. However, he has not yet formally announced his return to politics. This hasn’t stopped people from predicting that he would return. With RINO Senator Lindsey Graham saying that the GOP nomination is “Donald Trump’s for the taking,” referring to the fact that Trump is way ahead of all other possible Republican candidates.

Biden’s fall has also encouraged many Democrats to report and celebrate the idea that Hillary Clinton could return in 2024. This would give us a very anticipated rematch between Hillary and Trump.

Author: Scott Dowdy