Biden Loses His Most Important Supporters

Gallup’s latest poll on President Biden’s continuously sinking approval numbers has revealed a finding that will shock Democrats ahead of the upcoming midterms, and if not reversed, may foretell trouble for a potential Biden reelection.

While Biden’s presidency has received widespread criticism, it turns out that the most significant decline has been among young people, who are rapidly becoming disillusioned with Biden and his agenda. It’s not a small nosedive — since taking office, Biden’s approval among Gen Z and millennials has fallen by 20 percentage points.

Gallup deconstructs the difference in Biden’s favorability between young people and older generations:

“Biden’s honeymoon period, when 60% of both Generation Z and millennial people approved of his job, saw these groups above the average approval rating. His support was lower than the national average among traditionalists (48%) and baby boomers (53%) early in his administration.” 

By the summer, as coronavirus infections began to increase, Biden’s support among Generation Z, millennials, and Generation X had dropped by seven percent to ten percentage points. However, his approval rating remained consistent among baby boomers and conservatives.

“Biden’s approval among all generational groups has dropped significantly since the summer, after the rocky US withdrawal from Afghanistan in late August 2021. Except for traditionalists, whose approval did not change.”

“Traditionalists are the only big demographic group whose support is comparable to what it was during the early portion of Biden’s term. A handful of other subgroups, including the people who never favored Biden, have modestly lower numbers now, with reductions of less than ten percentage points. Adults 65 and older (down five points) Republicans (down by four points, to 6% from 10%), conservatives (down eight points), baby boomers (down seven points), and 50- to 64-yo adults (down nine points) are among them.”

At a more detailed level, Biden’s approval rating has dropped among independents more than it has among Democrats or GOP members, and black and hispanic Americans have seen even greater losses in support. According to Gallup, non-Hispanic black adults were among the groups that liked Biden’s performance when he first entered office and he had an 87 percent approval rating, but it fell to 74 percent by last summer and is now down 20 points to 67 percent.

President Joe Biden’s approval rating among Hispanics has fallen by 21 points, from 73 percent at the start of 2021 to just 52 percent presently.

Author: Blake Ambrose