Biden & Kamala’s Tax Returns Tell a Very Surprising Story

Joe Biden slithered his way into the White House, claiming he was a moderate who understood the challenges of everyday people. That means he was supposed to set policy that helped us recover from the pandemic, especially working- and middle-class Americans, right?

Then why has everything he’s done so far killed off thousands of jobs, increased unemployment, and raised inflation?

“Middle Class Joe” should be looking out for regular Americans. But it seems like he has more in common with the ruling elite who don’t give us a passing thought. And what about his VP Harris? She often goes on about being concerned with working moms and other people who struggle?

Well, it turns out that, while the rest of us struggled last year, these two made out like bandits.

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden shelled out $157,414 for 2020 federal income taxes and reported a federal adjusted gross income of $607,336. The first couple reported paying $28,794 in Delaware state income taxes, while the First Lady reported paying $443 in Virginia state income taxes…

The Bidens’ 2020 tax figures are dwarfed by the more than $1.6 million in federal adjusted gross income reported by Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband, on which they paid $621,893 for federal income tax. That is in addition to $125,004 in California state income taxes and another $56,997 the Second Gentleman paid in DC taxes. [Source: Just the News]

Don’t be fooled by these sums. Joe and Jill Biden earned even more, thanks to funneling millions through their organization. And in the years since Biden left the Obama administration, he’s earned millions upon millions.

Isn’t it interesting that, while the rest of the world worried about keeping the lights on, these two “normal” folks were bringing in huge sums? Where was this money coming from? The pandemic brought countless businesses to their knees. How was Joe and Kamala–career politicians who spent most of 2020 running campaigns–able to earn this much scratch?

I guess it pays to be a crooked, left-wing, career politician, huh? Even while you’re busy pushing politics, you’re raking in the dough.

Just think about it. These two politicians are technically in the “one percent” of America’s earners. Yet they claim they know about the struggles of middle-class folks. How? How does Biden understand what Americans are going through, when he’s been a millionaire for at least a decade?

Sure, Donald Trump was very rich before he became president. But at least he earned it through honest business (not sure how career politicians get so rich). And he certainly didn’t earn millions last year, during the pandemic, as he gave his presidential salary away each quarter.

Is Joe giving away his salary? Of course not. But he has no problem taking a big bite out of your salary, to pay for his massive welfare state. He wants you to be earning less so that illegals can get a free ride and those who refuse to work can stay at home and get high.

I guess that’s what he means by being a “man of the people.” It’s just, his people aren’t you or me.

Author: Mark Shiner