Biden Just Made His Dumbest Afghanistan Move Yet

United States officials gave the Taliban a document with names of Americans and Afghans with visas in a move that was thought to help hasten evacuations, Politico said on Thursday.

The move reportedly infuriated defense officials, with one saying it was “shocking and appalling” and “put all the Afghans on a kill list.” The Taliban has supposedly beaten Americans trying to reach Hamid Karzai International Airport, and has killed Afghans who worked as interpreters and helpers to the United States.

Officials reportedly handed the Taliban a list of people they want to be allowed to evacuate shortly after the United States embassy started operating out of HKIA. The embassy was moved to HKIA on August 15, shortly after the Taliban seized Kabul. The airport came under multiple suicide bombings this Thursday, killing at least 12 troops.

“They had to do this due to the security situation the Biden Admin. created by allowing the Taliban to take over everything outside the airport,” one American official said.

Officials made the reported choice to give the Taliban the list after the insurgent group was accused by Human Rights Watch of performing revenge killings in the city of Kandahar.

Members of Congress learned about the move from a classified briefing. After Thursday’s attack, Democratic NJ Senator Bob Menendez tweeted, “We can not trust the Taliban with Americans’ safety.”

Despite the agreements between Taliban and American officials, Taliban fighters have reportedly beaten Afghans and Americans trying to reach HKIA in Kabul. Outside of the city of Kabul, Taliban fighters have reportedly starting giving out reprisals against Afghans who helped the U.S. and NATO. A family member of a reporter who worked for a German news outlet was executed by the Taliban after a door-to-door search shortly after the group came to Kabul.

The Taliban has also reportedly taken devices that have the biometric data of Afghan allies of the United States. Such devices, which are known as Handheld Interagency ID Detection, are used for the purpose of IDing Afghans, since many do not have paperwork for ID purposes.

At least 1,000 Americans are trapped within Afghanistan, according to some estimates. Democratic and GOP members of Congress have said that they do not think we can successfully evacuate all American citizens and Afghan Special Immigrant Visa or green card holders.

Author: Blake Ambrose