Biden Issues Two Bizarre Words About His Failing Presidency

President Biden triggered outrage when he attempted on Saturday to excuse his lacking involvement in bill negotiations by sarcastically stating the he has been too busy.

Speaking with the media on the White House South Lawn before getting on Marine One, the president specifically spoke about the heated fight over the so-called bipartisan infrastructure bill and the partisan “reconciliation” bill that Dems are trying to push through Congress.

He first stressed that “people” were asking why he has not been “going around the nation selling this?”

Biden then gave a weird answer to this question.


“Well, two little things like — like floods and hurricanes, and we had little things like, hahaha —a lot happened,” he said.

Translated from these badly articulated sentences, the president basically stated that he has been too busy handling other issues.

What caused outrage were the two words he used to talk about the other problems: “little things.”

A huge out-pouring of critics replied by pointing out that there was nothing “little” about Biden’s terrible crises — including the disaster in Afghanistan, where 13 service members died — that he says he has been busy dealing with. Also there is the record-breaking problem at America’s southern border that is only getting worse by the day.

Critics also brought attention to the fact that he did virtually nothing about these problems. As of October 3rd, many Americans were still trapped inside Afghanistan, illegals are still coming across the southern border, and inflation is still going through the roof.

If anything, critics say Joe Biden created these problems — literally all of them.

He ruined the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan by leaving the Bagram Air Base, he allowed the southern border to be made useless by reversing Trump’s policies and he caused the inflation by spending like a drunk sailor.

Critics also took notice of the odd similarity between his comments and the now infamous “some people did something” remark that Congresswoman Ilhan Omar made back in 2019.

And critics slammed Biden for his strange mask habits.

Take a closer look at the video above and notice how one of the journalists he’s speaking with is also unmasked. Notice how both men are standing next to each other.

The question that critics have is why exactly is Joe Biden’s even using a mask in the first place if he is going to pull stunts like this?

Author: Scott Dowdy