Biden Isn’t Even Trying To Hide His Corruption Anymore – Admits He Was ‘Paid Off’

Joe Biden promised a “return to normal” during his presidential campaign. I guess normal meant a federal government that neglected Americans while catering to the swamp. Throughout this year, we’ve seen the Biden administration bend over backward for corrupt forces and political activists. But regular Americans who are struggling to get by? They have been ignored.

Biden himself has consistently rejected any calls to reverse policies that are harming the U.S. He appears hellbent on pushing an agenda that’s already failed again and again. Perhaps it’s because his motivations are not to “build back better,” but to cash in on the presidency? Because his recent trip to GM is tainted with the usual D.C. corruption.

President Joe Biden visited an electric car factory operated by General Motors after the automaker paid nearly $160,000 to the brother of a White House staffer.

Matthew Foldi of The Washington Free Beacon explains that lobbyist Jeff Ricchetti — the brother of Steve Ricchetti, who serves as counselor to the president and worked as chief of staff to the vice president from 2013 to 2017 — has earned $160,000 from General Motors since Biden’s inauguration…

The investment appears to have paid off — on Wednesday, Biden will attend the grand opening of the company’s new electric vehicle factory as part of his push for Congress to “approve big tax incentives for zero-emission vehicles,” precisely what Ricchetti was paid to push for. [Source: Daily Wire]

Wow, they’re not even trying to hide the corrupt, anymore. Ricchetti was chief of staff for Biden during the second Obama term. He currently serves as a counselor for old Joe. And in this year alone, Ricchetti’s brother has raked in $2.4 million, just from lobbying fees.

Shouldn’t the family of someone who works directly for the president be forbidden from making money from lobbyists? This is the very kind of Washington corruption Americans have raged over for years. Biden’s closet people are being bought and sold by companies—and everyone’s okay with it? Why isn’t Biden being brought up on charges over this blatant act of pay-for-play?

Think about it. What if it was President Trump going to a car company, after someone close to his staff was paid $160,00? Democrats would be livid. That alone would have been enough for them to impeach him. Yet Biden shows his true colors, supporting companies that are paying off his staff, and nobody bats an eye.

This is as bad as his son selling his “artwork” to anonymous buyers in Hollywood. The White House won’t even reveal who is buying his “art,” making it very easy for rich persons to gain secret access to the administration. They think we won’t notice, because the money is going to family members, as if that means there is no possible way for Biden or Ricchetti to be influenced by this.

But if your brother was getting rich off of companies who wanted something from you, wouldn’t you feel pressure to help them out? Of course, you would. In reality, this arrangement was made because Ricchetti works for Biden. They are openly fleecing the country and don’t think they will be called out for it.

At least we don’t have a president tweeting mean things anymore, right?

Author: Peter Thompson