Biden Is Using The FBI As His Own Gestapo, And Now Everyone Knows It

Almost half of possible American voters now say they think the FBI is acting as the President’s “personal gestapo,” according to a new survey.

Americans’ approval of the current FBI has gone down over the previous two years, with many voters saying the agency acts to help Biden and Democrats, according to the numbers of the Rasmussen Reports national poll. Only 46% of possible voters say they have a good impression of the FBI, which is lower by 60% from May 2020.

GOP members were more likely to disapprove of the law-enforcement agency, with around 57% stating they have an unfavorable view of the FBI as 63% of Dems said they have a favorable view of the agency.

Moreover, when asked if they agreed with a comment made by Roger Stone, the former political adviser to Trump, that “there is a group of politicized thugs leading the FBI” that are working “as Biden’s personal Gestapo,” 46% of them said they agree.

GOP members were more likely to accept the characterization, with 64% stating the FBI acts as Joe Biden’s “personal gestapo” when compared to just 30% of Dems.

Voters’ approval of Joe Biden correlated greatly with approval of the current FBI, with 86% of American voters who “strongly approve” of Joe Biden’s performance as president having a good opinion of the FBI, according to the survey. Among voters who state they “strongly disapprove” of Joe Biden’s tenure as president, only 19% state they see the FBI favorably.

The survey also found that half of all voters think current FBI director Christopher Wray is influenced by Joe Biden when enacting decisions, and only 26% think that Wray is independent from the president’s influence.

The poll asked 1,000 possible voters from December 29 to December 30, and had an error margin of plus or minus 3%.

This comes at a time when Americans are increasingly seeing the targeting and unfair treatment that conservatives are experiencing on tech platforms and in school systems across the country. In addition to that, Biden’s White House has deliberately targeted angry white parents as “terrorists” for being concerned about anti-white propaganda in schools.

Author: Scott Dowdy