Biden Is Nothing But a Giant Drug Mule For Cartels

Democrats are turning a blind eye to the worsening crisis at the border. Biden dropped every last policy that was keeping us safe, claiming that Trump’s decisions were “cruel” and “un-American.” Liberals suggest that wanting to secure the border is “racist;” that only white Americans who hate migrants want border security enforced.

That must mean they think only poor families, yearning to be free, are breaking federal immigration laws to enter our country? We should just open our arms and not even bother to enforce our laws, right?

The inconvenient truth is, however, our open border is a magnet to the very worst criminals. Human traffickers and drug cartels are using Biden’s open border to peddle their poison on both sides. Deadly criminals have been emboldened, thanks to Biden’s weakness. And now, we’ve reached a terrible milestone.

Customs and Border Protection Border Patrol Sectors continue to report record amounts of drug confiscations along the southern border…

Using a non-intrusive imaging system, agents found 1,221 pounds of alleged methamphetamine hidden inside the walls of the trailer, with an estimated street value of $24,426,968…

At the Pharr International Bridge Cargo Facility in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, agents recently intercepted $1,233,000 in alleged cocaine and fentanyl in just two incidents involving tractor trailers being driven across from Mexico…

In Laredo, Texas, officers seized narcotics in two enforcement actions that totaled over $1,105,140 in street value. [Source: Just the News]

Significant amounts of drugs are being smuggled over the border into the U.S. Our Customs agents are seizing record amounts of cocaine, fentanyl, methamphetamine, and other deadly drugs. The value of these narcotics is in the tens of millions. This is happening, because of Joe Biden’s open border policy.

Some of these drugs are being smuggled by illegal aliens, who are finding ways to get across the border. But because Border Patrol agents are spread thin and resources are running low, drug smugglers are having an even easier time getting their poison across the border. In many cases, U.S. citizens are being paid to sneak the drugs in themselves.

If this is how much they’ve caught, how much is getting by unnoticed? Our Border agents do a heroic job keeping the border secure, despite Biden’s best efforts. But they can’t be everywhere. Without the protections put into place by President Trump (along with a finished border wall), many drug runners must be slipping through the cracks.

How many American lives, families, and communities will be destroyed by these drugs? How much pain will Biden inflict on our country, because he is deliberately keeping the border open?

And when will Congress do something, anything, to end this nightmare?

Author: Thomas Graham