Biden Is Intentionally Spreading COVID In The US — Whistleblower Tells All

How much does Joe Biden care about the COVID-19 pandemic? If you ask him, it seems like a whole lot. He used it as his top issue during the campaign, accusing Trump of failing to address it properly. You could even argue it was the main issue that helped him “win” the election (aside from fraudulent ballots).

In fact, Biden is so worried about COVID that he is pushing all Americans to get vaccinated. He even threatened to have people fired who wouldn’t get the shot; an announcement that has already forced 100,000’s of Americans out of work.

But perhaps Biden doesn’t really care all that much about this deadly disease? Because according to a new report, he let in 16,000 aliens who had the virus. On top of that, he’s not mandating illegals to be vaccinated.

More than 16,000 migrants who tested positive for COVID-19 while in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody were released into the United States, according to an agency law enforcement source. The Biden administration did not mandate any of the migrants to be vaccinated before their release. The source informs Breitbart Texas that the figures only include those migrants who were tested by ICE…

According to the source, the releases occurred in multiple cities across the United States between January 2021 and early October.

The totals do not include the thousands of untested migrants released directly by the Border Patrol. The Border Patrol testing of migrants has been limited to unaccompanied migrant children later turned over to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). [Source: Breitbart]

So, let’s get this straight. Biden is releasing tens of thousands (hundreds of thousand overall) of illegal aliens into the country who have COVID? And that’s just the ones Border Patrol bothers to test? They are testing these illegals, discovering they have COVID, and they just release them into the country.

Meanwhile, Americans can’t even go to restaurants, see their families in the hospital, or even keep their jobs because of COVID.

This certainly undermines Biden’s “concern” over this disease. If he’s just letting in hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens—not even testing most of them—why should we bother to believe anything he says about the virus?

These migrants are being released into numerous American cities. These are densely populated areas where they can easily spread the virus. If Biden really cared about protecting Americans’ health, these aliens would be on the first plane back to Mexico.

This proves Biden cares more about expanding his power than helping Americans. He is using COVID to manipulate Americans. And he is trying to pump the country full of illegals, hoping they’ll vote Democrat in the coming years.

This has nothing to do with “building back better” or improving our country in any way. Biden’s administration is all about the corrupt elite gobbling up as much power as they can—at the detriment of real Americans.

Author: Samuel Johnson