Biden Invites The UN To Come Tell Americans How ‘Racist’ They Are

Secretary of State Antony Blinken has put out a “formal invitation” for the UN to investigate “systemic racism” within American policing.

As Blinken says in his comment, the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights put out a report about worldwide police brutality against African people. In response, Blinken welcomed foreign investigators of “systemic racism” inside the U.S…

Michelle Bachelet — who was the President of Chile for eight years — currently serves as High Commissioner on Human Rights. According to The NY Times, Bachelet said this week there was “a prompt need to deal with the legacies of enslavement, the colonialism, the slave trade and successive racially discriminatory systems and policies, and to look for reparatory justice.”

The NY Times added:

“A group of three experts in police and human rights will perform a three-year mandate to look into the root sources and effects of systemic racism inside policing, including the legacy of slavery and colonialism, and to give recommendations for changes. It will investigate issues such as excessive use of force, police handling of protests and racial profiling to links with racial supremacy ideas and police and the law enforcement system.”

,,”The panel is the continuation of a proposal by African countries that work on a report given this month by the U.N. human rights dept. The report looked at the deaths of 190 people who were of African descent, mostly inside the U.S., showing the lack of accountability for killings and pushing states to go for change.

Members of the UN Human Rights Council — which operates along with Bachelet to protect the 1948 Universal Human Rights Declaration — include Cuba, China, Venezuela and Russia.

All four countries have bad human rights records. With China — on top of its genocide of Uyghurs — bringing down civil liberties inside Hong Kong and recently unveiled its intentions to seize Taiwan. Cuba is right now going through anti-communism protests and restricting internet on the island. Also, Russia and Venezuela has arrested their opposition leaders Freddy Guevara and Alexei Navalny.

This also comes at a time when Biden is pushing for far-reaching gun confiscations inside America.

Author: Steven Sinclaire