Biden in Big Trouble as 50% Of Black Voters Support Impeachment

The announcement of Stephen Breyer’s retirement from the Supreme Court was timed very deliberately. We know it was leaked without the justice’s permission, probably by the White House. And, considering Biden was quick to announce he’d replace the man with a woman of color, it’s safe to say it was done to help old Joe’s failing presidency. But did this little moment of identity politics do anything to help him?

Fraid not. Joe Biden just can’t seem to figure out this whole “president” thing. His first year was a train wreck, with crises blowing up across America. And Joe stumbled right out of the gate this year, with a press conference that might start a new war. Biden, meanwhile, continues to ignore the very problems he started. So, are we all that surprised that so many Americans want him gone?

A poll released on Monday revealed 50% of likely voters think President Joe Biden should be impeached, according to Rasmussen Reports…

Those supporting Biden’s impeachment included 74% of Republicans, 34% of Democrats, and 42 percent of Independents.

Among those who supported the president’s impeachment included 33% who strongly support Biden’s removal…

Among ethnic groups, the results included 50% of Black voters supporting impeachment. A total of 58% of other non-white voters also supported impeachment. [Source: Daily Wire]

Half of all voters want Joe Biden impeached. But it gets even more interesting when you break down the demographics. Of Democrats, more than one-third want Joe gone. These are the same people who eagerly voted for the man not long ago. Now, they not only are rejecting him as president but want him impeached—a process that includes an investigation and possible conviction.

Worse still for Biden are the numbers coming from groups he cannot lose. Fifty percent of black voters want him impeached. This is a tremendous blow for Democrats, who often enjoy near-total approval from black voters. In total, 58% of non-white voters want Biden investigated and harangued, and possibly removed from office (since most people associate impeachment with removal from office).

With such numbers, the obvious question is, will Biden get impeached? Well, we know Democrats in Congress will never impeach him. They are using Biden as a puppet to rubber-stamp their extremist agenda. They’ve done nothing to check his failed presidency. It would be a matter of giving Republicans enough of a majority, so that they can impeach Joe and hold him accountable.

Republican leaders have been on the record as saying “everything is on the table.” After Biden’s terrible first year, if Republicans gain a red wave this election, they will certainly explore impeachment. They will have a mandate from the voters to do it. And folks like Kevin McCarthy will be happy to oblige.

What will come of it? We’ll have to wait and see.

Author: Marvin Maxwell