Biden Humiliates Himself By Calling Donald Trump A “King”

Joe Biden continues to go on the road each week, pretending that he is accomplishing something useful while conditions continue to deteriorate for Americans and he doesn’t appear to know how to make things better.

While on a tour of a farm in Illinois, Joe Biden compared the burned acreage from last year to the state of New Jersey, one of his staple talking points. However, while this is a popular argument, he didn’t seem to know what he was talking about. He appeared to consider New Jersey as extending from New York to Virginia.

“More timber and more land and more buildings and territory was burned to the ground just this year than the whole state of New Jersey, from the state of New York down to Virginia. The whole state of New Jersey,” Joe Biden said.

Then there’s the G-7 — what exactly is it? I’m not sure that everyone is aware of it. Joe Biden has attended G-7 summits as vice president for eight years and in Congress for 36 years. He should be familiar with the topic.

Biden stated that the G-7 consists of “all the democracies in Europe.” That’s not correct. There are several democracies in Europe that aren’t members of the G-7. The G-7 is a club of seven economically advanced nations who come from all over the world. Biden said, “North America, Asia, and Europe — they are all part of it.”

That, however, made everything worse. The G-7 is comprised of Canada, Germany,  France, Italy, Japan, the U.K, and the U.S. The EU is a “non-enumerated” participant in the G-7. Europe and Asia aren’t members of the G-7. This is embarassing.

Biden began his speech with a farming metaphor, but he then twice appeared to lose his train of thought during the farm talk. I’m not sure if he could not see the teleprompter or what; he seemed to be straining to see something. But he broke down right in the middle of it.

I felt terrible for the sign interpreter — how do you make sense of something that is not sensical?

“Last year, I issued one of my first executive orders to make competition more accessible and level the playing field,” he added.

He then lied about “inheriting an economy on the verge of a depression.”

Biden went on, ignoring the fact that during his administration, without lockdowns, there have been more shortages and historic inflation affecting everyone. He’s also been shouting a lot more recently — which is another signature symptom of dementia.

Author: Steven Sinclaire