Biden Humiliates Himself About Ukraine For The Second Time

President Biden talked with President Volodymyr Zelensky from Ukraine this Thursday to speak about their ongoing problems with Russia.

According to a White House transcript of the call, Biden said the U.S. and allies would reply if Russia further invaded Ukraine and would keep looking for ways to help the country.

Biden said the evacuation of American diplomatic personnel and their family members should not be seen as a signal that the U.S. was not committed to the security and safety of Ukraine.

Zelensky confirmed the phone call on social media, thanking Joe Biden for his support.

“Discussed new diplomatic efforts on de-escalation and came to an agreement on joint actions for the future,” he said, noting he thanked Joe Biden for sending military help to Ukraine.

“Possibilities for financial help to Ukraine were also discussed,” he said.

Ukrainians were surprised by Joe Biden’s comments that it was likely that Vladimir Putin would invade their nation.

“My guess is he would move in, he has to do something.” Joe Biden said about Vladimir Putin last week at a media conference, suggesting the United States and NATO may not respond as much to a “minor incursion.”

The president’s remarks were immediately clarified by his D.C. team, but they raised questions about his dedication to stopping Russia from invading.

Biden and Zelensky have had a difficult relationship, as Joe Biden ignored the Ukrainian’s requests for sanctions against Russia before Putin invades.

Biden also removed sanctions on Putin’s Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline, and Zelensky said he was “unpleasantly surprised” by this move.

The pipeline would go around Ukraine to give energy to Europe, giving Vladimir Putin more economic leverage.

In Dec., Joe Biden also ignored Zelensky’s demand for sanctions against Russia, replying to their increasing military activity on the border.

“For us, it is crucial to have sanctions done before, instead of after, the conflict would happen, because if they are done after, this would basically mean they are meaningless,” Zelensky said.

Joe Biden risks starting world war 3 if the wrong move is made. One move could be to agree that Ukraine will never join Nato, which is what Putin is concerned about. But doing so would mean the expansion of the American empire would stop. And we know how the people in power think about that.

Author: Blake Ambrose