Biden Humiliated As Trump Is Proven Right Yet Again

More evidence about the good thinking and strategy of the Trump White House is being revealed. This only serves to increase the awareness of how troubled our foreign affairs are with President Biden.

The WSJ released information about secret operations:

“A United States SpecOp unit and Marines have been secretly working in Taiwan to train the forces there, United States officials said, part of efforts to protect the nation’s defenses as concern about possible Chinese aggression increases.”

Were we still under a Trump White House, this would be good news. With the ruined Afghanistan withdrawal and the continued incompetence of the country’s military leadership, Americans should now be concerned about our top fighting forces being used like political pawns.

China is obviously flexing its military muscles and revealing its intent to seize Taiwan, no matter what the traditional wisdom says. The article states that the country has been having sorties of jet fighters and H-6 bombers close to Taiwan during this past week. At least 150 accounts have been recorded by Taiwanese officials.

The CCP considers Taiwan to be a part of China, and wants to take control of the island using any means needed.

It is a chilling idea that Taiwan could really fall, increasing Chinese military might and dominance. The fact that we have had troops stationed there for around a year proves that this was a Trump decision reflecting his smart strategy toward China and its plans.

Since the Biden administration and his woke military officials have not stopped this yet, it shows that someone inside the Pentagon still has some common sense, and knows what could be at stake. An even better fortified China means more money toward Al Queda and the newly-installed Taliban Afghanistan regime, among other things.

At present, the Biden White House seems to be allowing this strategy to continue.

The document has not been supplanted by a new Biden strategy, nor is it technically being carried out. Biden team officials have accepted that there are areas of continuity between the Trump administration and the Biden one concerning China.

Author: Steven Sinclaire