Biden Hits Rock Bottom As Democrats Flee His Failing Policies

We can’t say for sure if anyone really wanted Joe Biden to be president. We do know that Democrats, those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, wanted anyone but 45 in the White House.

And thanks to their poisonous hate, here we are.

Biden is responsible for numerous crises, both at home and abroad. These include (but are not limited to) a worker shortage, rising inflation, continued COVID woes, a border crisis, growing energy costs, and the fall of Afghanistan.

And he hasn’t even been president for a year!

Biden is clearly not a critical thinker, decisive leader, or strong administrator. He makes hasty decisions that lead to major crises. Then, he and his pathetic administration scramble to stem the bleeding (failing yet again).

His approval has dropped steadily over the summer. Now, it’s hitting an all-time low. And even Democrats are forced to face the music.

President Joe Biden’s approval rating has collapsed to 39 percent, the lowest point of his presidency, according to a Wednesday Economist/YouGov poll.

While only 39 percent approve of Biden’s job performance, 49 percent disapprove, a drop of six points in one week.

Overall, Biden’s evaporating approval numbers are primarily due to Democrats, who have begun abandoning him amid the challenges of inflation, Afghanistan, and coronavirus. Nearly nine out of ten Democrats had approved of Biden for almost half of his first year, but Democrats have since dropped support of the president by nine percent in one week (77 percent from 86 percent)…

Only 39 percent of independents approve of Biden’s performance. Nine percent of Republicans feel the same way. [Source: Breitbart]

These are dismal numbers, worse than what even liberal outlets gave Trump during his presidency. Biden is suffering from a steep decline of support among voters. That includes Democrats, who are abandoning the idiot in droves.

He is getting failing marks on nearly every issue. Voters are rejecting his handling of COVID, the economy, inflation, and of course Afghanistan.

This fallout will have more than just an impact on his administration. Democrat strategists are already panicking over the 2022 midterms, which will take place in about one year. One said, “Any Democratic strategist who thinks this is not going to impact the midterms or impact Biden being reelected, clearly they don’t know what the f— they’re talking about.”

Biden’s continued failure will have a devastating impact on Democrats in the midterm elections. Voters, outraged that Biden betrayed them again and again, will vote for people who promise to hold him in check. Republicans have vowed to end Biden’s toxic agenda, investigate his failures in Afghanistan, perhaps even impeach him.

But that’s only part of the train wreck that is Biden’s presidency. Politics aside, his decisions are hurting regular Americans, every day. His inability to lead and make good decisions is hurting Americans, even as we face natural disasters and man-made trials. People are out of work, are sick, and hurting. Meanwhile, Biden and his globalist elites do everything in their power to make it worse.

Unless major change comes next year, will we even have a country?

Author: Tom Anderson