Biden Helps Violent Antifa Rioters Escape Justice

The federal Dept. of Justice (DOJ) has dismissed legal cases for 31 ANTIFA terrorists who were charged with serious crimes connected to rioting.

Four defendants who were hit with felony assault against a federal officer had those serious charges dropped by Biden. Over half of these charges were “dropped with prejudice,” meaning those legal cases cannot ever be brought up again.

Billy Williams, the United States Attorney for Oregon, said at the time there would be severe punishment against ANTIFA thugs who committed huge acts of destruction outside of the Courthouse through the summer of 2020.

“Make no mistake about it: those who committed violence during the protest, will be arrested and prosecuted and face prison time,” Williams said in a September 25, 2020 media release.

After boldly lying to the American public, Williams continues to give excuses for the FBI’s refusal to deal with ANTIFA terrorists.

“Each case was looked at for the evidence that we had this time,” Williams said KJW. “Careful choices were made about whether or not someone should get charged depending on the evidence.”

“I have never made a decision during my career based on political or institutional pressure,” Williams said.

We have reported on other examples in which federal authorities guarded ANTIFA thugs, with the FBI regularly helping the far-left terrorist group:

“The FBI is claiming there is “no intelligence” showing that ANTIFA had any role in creating riots that have gripped the nation.”

“This directly goes against President Trump and A.G. Bill Barr, who quickly assigned the blame on ANTIFA for the violence that was happening nationwide.”

“The violence done by ANTIFA and other groups in relation to rioting is domestic terrorism and will be dealt with accordingly,” Barr stated.”

“Meanwhile, Trump went to Twitter to announce that “the U.S. will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Group.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire