Biden Has The Worst Week Of His Presidency, And He’s Not Handling It Well

Democrat President Biden has gone for vacation late this week, after returning to Washington midweek from previously being on vacation, after five damaging developments for his team came out this week.

Biden left the White House for Wilmington, Delaware, after Jen Psaki revealed earlier this week that the admin. would not disclose who President Biden meets with when he goes to his home state.

“I can confirm we won’t be giving information about the travels of the President’s grandchildren or people visiting him in his home state,” Psaki said.

Joe’s vacation, which is now the 18th trip back to Delaware during his six and a half months of being in office, comes as the admin. suffered many setbacks and bad headlines this week.

For one, inflation for businesses got to the highest levels ever seen before.

As Fox Business said:

“Producer prices accelerated at the quickest yearly pace on record in the month of July as supply chain disruptions and shortages kept putting upward pressure on prices. The producer price index for demand increased at a 7.8% rate for the 12 months which ended in July, according to the Labor Dept.”

New polling also shows that most Americans — almost 80% — blame Biden for inflation that the United States experiencing.

Secondly, coronavirus cases are going up as the admin. struggles to get Americans vaccinated.

Last year, Joe Biden tweeted: “We are eight months into this thing, and Donald Trump still does not have a plan to get this virus controlled. I do.”

Now, almost seven months into his White House, Biden is witnessing a huge surge in covid-19 cases and is struggling to get the whole country vaccinated, thanks to the lack of trust between the American people and the Biden admin.

And finally, Joe Biden’s open border agenda is now in its 6th straight month, and just had its worst month yet, and the worst ever recorded by the Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS).

CNN reported:

“The Biden White House is coming under a “serious challenge” at the United States southern border, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas revealed on Thursday, saying the country has encountered an “unprecedented” amount of migrants illegally pushing through the border. … In July, Border Agents caught 212,672 people, which is up from June and during the hottest summer time frame — when arrests usually lower — and of those, 95,788 people were expelled.”

Next, the Afghanistan war is rapidly turning into a huge disaster after Biden’s unorganized withdrawal from the country.

And finally, video has surfaced revealing Biden’s son, Hunter, saying that Russian drug dealers have more blackmail material on him.

Author: Scott Dowdy