Biden Goes Too Far — Even Democrats Are Running Away

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin (W.Va.), who is a moderate Democrat, said this week that he is getting “very uncomfortable” about the rising price of President Biden’s plan.

“It’s a lot of money., Manchin said to reporters. “This makes me very uncomfortable.”

Manchin’s remarks came after Biden announced his American Families Plan, which costs $1.8 Trillion dollars. And together with his $1.9 trillion COVID bill that was passed last month, as well as his $2.3 infrastructure plan, the president’s three plans could cost a whopping $6 trillion, if approved.

While Manchin says he wants to approve as much of Biden’s program as possible, he also says he doesn’t “know how much more debt” the nation should accept, he has also raised questions about if raising taxes is the best way to pay for the plan.

“We’re at $28.2 trillion right now, so we have to be careful. There’s a balance that we need., he said.

He previously stated that he does not support Biden’s corporate tax increase, from 25 percent to 28 percent. This tax increase would not bring in the $4 trillion needed for President Biden’s two initial spending programs.

“Will we stay competitive and be able to pay for what we need? We’ve got to ensure our needs and maybe make some changes. Who knows?” Manchin said.

Manchin’s break with Biden, although slight, could give the president trouble for the two packages’ future in the closely divided Senate. Even if Democrats chose to use budget reconciliation as a way to get past Republicans, the bill would need support from every Democrat to pass.

Author: Scott Dowdy